Castello di Amorosa Mid-Summer 2009

Stephen and I went to the Castello di Amorosa’s annual Mid-Summer festival in 2009.  It was sort of a busman’s holiday, as some of our friends from St. Michael’s were part of the entertainment (fencing demos, teaching, etc).

I had made a new costume for faire about a month earlier, because I wanted a dress even if it looked like 2 pieces.  I had about a yard of scrap fabric with a nice woven pattern and decided to use it for the bodice, and got some mid-weight twill in a complementary green for the skirt and bodice lining.  The bodice is a double-side-lacing arrangement, based on my old duct-tape pattern.  The skirt is pleated in to the front and back, and the openings at the side are filled with pockets.  The proportions are loosely based on one of the Margo Anderson patterns.  The chemise is from the Margo Anderson pattern set The Elizabethan Lady’s Wardrobe.


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