Vir Cotto and Boromir

Stephen wanted a costume for Baycon in 2003, and we thought that he could do Vir from Babylon5.  I made this vest with the diagonal stripes and bright braid using a Revolutionary War pattern (McCalls 2258), with the stand collar and straight front option.  Those stripes are just obnoxious enough for a Centauri.

Later that year, we did Halloween at LPCH with a Lord of the Rings theme.  I used the same pattern but made it longer and added the optional sleeves.     The fabric has a honeycomb print, so looks much like the movie costume but without the time/cost of quilting the fabric.

Steven Furst & Stephen Nelson (dressed as Vir Cotto)
In 2006, we were expecting Steven Furst (the actor who played Vir) as a guest at Baycon, so we decided to finally do our Babylon 5 spoof “Mollari” to the tune of Dean Martin’s Volare.  I now made the jacket to go over the vest.  By using the wild contrasting fabric for the front facings and cuffs, along with the diagonal stripe on the vest, it made the costume a bit … well, loud!  Just like a good Centauri.

Here’s the video from the Masquerade:

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