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Christine A. Doyle, M.D.

I'm an anesthesiologist and critical care specialist. I am a partner in Coast Anesthesia Medical Group. We practice primarily at O'Connor Hospital. This means that I can put you to sleep and wake you up, and keep you alive in between. Like many of us, I have a rather eclectic group of interests, some of which are indicated at the left.

I am currently an active member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and California Society of Anesthesiologists, and am very involved in the political activities of these two groups. One of our biggest goals is to educate people about what anesthesiologists actually do, and why you need one if you're having surgery. I am a Director for the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists. I also am or have been on several committees, including the Electronic Media and Information Technology (EMIT) Committee which I currently chair, the Critical Care Committee and the Trauma and Emergency Preparedness Committee. Feel free to ask me (basic) questions. However, I will not make medical recommendations.

I am a member of the Imperial Klingon Vessel Bloodlust, the LOUDEST ship in any fleet. We participate in a variety of events (both charity and paid), such as the Chabot Space Center's grand opening in August 2000. We run The Black Hole bar, collecting donations for Make A Wish. Contact our Kaptain if you're interested in more details. At the opposite extreme, I am a member of St. Michael's Salle d'Armes. We represent a guild of 16th Century fencers from Ghent, Belgium, and attend a variety of Renaissance Faires in Northern and Central California.

My husband and I have been active in SF Bay Area Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions, volunteering in a variety of roles. We are both part of the group creating and running Convolution. We ran BCTV for a decade at Baycon, did podcasting for Renovation (the 2011 WorldCon), and I am running Programming for Westercon66.

Given all of this, we are frequently seen in a variety of outfits. Click here to see some of them.

Stephen and I spent the bulk of 2004 and 2005 doing a remodel - nearly a rebuild. Check out the pictures if you'd like.

Enough about me. Send me e-mail if you'd like -- christine (at) monty-doyle (dot) com.