Woody & Jessie – Oscars 2011


2011 was an unusual year for the Oscars party.

My mother-in-law had been ill and wasn’t allowed to travel to altitude.  So we got to host the party.  We thought that doing characters from Toy Story 3 would be fun and easy, and most importantly for us as hosts, comfortable to run around in.

I found the cow-print fabric on-line.  It has a bit of a nap like a real hide might, although it’s washable.  I used the Tandy Leather chaps pattern, and lined them with denim.  The typical last minute costume work was actually cutting the fringe while the caterers were setting up.  I cut up an old shirt of Stephen’s to make the vest pattern.

I used some yellow fabric to create the contrasting yoke which I just sewed on top of the shirt, and then some red ribbon to make the pattern.  I never did make cuffs.  Both shirts were purchased from a western-wear e-store.

Even more important than the cow-print fabric was the red hat for Jessie.  Once I found that, at a local western store, I knew the costume set was a go.

We also had Mr & Mrs Potatohead as guests at the party. We were all bummed that Toy Story 3 didn’t win anything.


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