Props: Chimney Sweep

This year we decided to be “old school” characters from Mary Poppins for the Oscars party. Most of the pieces were just assembling items from our closet. But there were two key things we needed — the Chimney… Read More

Oscars 2017

This year, we decided on our costumes fairly early:  Dr. Strange for Stephen and Jyn Erso for me. I started making Stephen’s costume before Halloween and the first of November partners meeting, which was themed “SuperHeroes” (I wore… Read More

Oscars 2016

Although we had different initial plans, after seeing Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, I decided to dress as General Organa (Princess Leia).  It’s one of those easy to wear costumes, with a moderately elaborate hairdo that is always… Read More

Oscars 2015

Once again, the animated movie provided us with the best options for costumes.  This year, it was The Lego Movie.  We played Wyldstyle and Emmett, the two lead characters.  I bought a pack of hair extensions to go… Read More

Woody & Jessie – Oscars 2011

  2011 was an unusual year for the Oscars party. My mother-in-law had been ill and wasn’t allowed to travel to altitude.  So we got to host the party.  We thought that doing characters from Toy Story 3 would… Read More

Wall-E & Eve – Oscars 2009

So, for our second appearance at the Oscars party, we decided to go as Wall-E and Eve. I found some inexpensive white fabric and basically made a dress by cutting a neck hole, adding a loose mock-turtle style… Read More

Oscars Party 2010

For our third appearance at the Oscars party, we decided to go as Professors Snape & McGonnigall from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I made Stephen’s frock coat based on the men’s frock coat pattern from Laughing… Read More