Upgrading a ceiling fan – DIY is never that simple

When we first bought the house, we installed a ceiling fan in the kitchen. That fan ended up in my office, and has been really great… but it finally stopped working. Newer devices have options for remote controls,… Read More

Jean Monty Doyle

Jean Monty Doyle, age 96, passed away at her home on March 14, 2021. The youngest of six children, she was born in Omaha, Nebraska. The family moved to San Jose when she was three years old, and… Read More

Vaccines! Vaccines!

Just about everyone at the hospital was thrilled when we heard we would start giving vaccines to the staff before Christmas. We started on December 17th, and had just over 350 people go through in 4 hours. We… Read More

Boosting Bluetooth Range

I got a Bose SoundSport headset earlier this year, and it’s quite nice when I’m trying to do work around the office… except for when I walk out of range. Unfortunately, the range issue was happening even within… Read More

Mind the Gap

Bridging the Gap between Wanting to be a Leader and Getting There.A Practical Guide for Women in Anesthesia. If you attended the ASA Virtual Meeting presentation on October 3rd, or are watching the recording, here are the recommended… Read More

Masks, Masks, and More Masks

With the pandemic continuing worldwide, most communities require masks if you’re outside of your home. What are the different types of masks, and which one should you be wearing? What is the purpose of a mask (or gloves,… Read More

Coronavirus, COVID-19 and resources

We’re all overwhelmed with the information out there. This is an attempt to bring some of the best pieces together into one location. I have divided things into Peer-Reviewed articles (i.e., the medical journals), News articles, Websites/Blog posts,… Read More

Holiday Lights – LEDs Part 1

After we remodeled the house, we put up the old holiday lights that had been used at my parents. You can see them in the photo on the remodel pages. But we were interested in having other options,… Read More

3-Roomba Household

We got my mom a Roomba years ago, and it has sat in the corner gathering dust. We subsequently got ourselves a new one when the WiFi/App versions first came out. And it sat in the corner gathering… Read More

The best camp shirt pattern

Stephen loves his hawaiian shirts, and we have a couple of friends who wear them a lot as well. I thought, since we had a couple of trips to Hawaii this year with CSA, that I would try… Read More