Wall-E & Eve – Oscars 2009

So, for our second appearance at the Oscars party, we decided to go as Wall-E and Eve.

I found some inexpensive white fabric and basically made a dress by cutting a neck hole, adding a loose mock-turtle style collar and a hood (ala Princess Leia’s), and sewing some side seams. I got a motorcycle helmet for $5 because it had a broken face plate, which I spray painted white and then used some window black-out plastic for a new face shield.  I never did figure out how to use some el-wire to make her blue eyes.  It’s still (in 2015) on the “to do” list so that I can learn how it works.

Stephen was supposed to have a full “box” for Wall-E, but both of us kept getting distracted and I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work.  I later saw how to do it at a Halloween party, where someone was dressed as a wrapped present!


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