Harem Pants

I purchased a great jacket from J. Peterman at the holidays last year. And I wanted to make a complete costume around this jacket. I thought that some harem pants and a shell would work well.

After searching the internet, I found this video:

Key points: You only need 3 measurements to draft the pattern for the pants, plus your waist for the waistband. You only need 4 seams (both legs, crotch and waistband) plus 2 short hems.
Measurements: Waist to Ankle. Ankle/Heel circumference. Inseam.
Fabric needed: 2x (Waist to Ankle + 8-12″), +8″ for waistband


  • angle the ankle end a bit, or you will have it all bunched right at the ankle because it won’t come up the calf at all.
  • if you have a long rise, add more length at the top (waist measurement to top)
  • although the pants are symmetrical front to back, if you are using a waistband, you can either attach it with a shorter rise in the front, or create a shaped waistband with more length on the back
  • if you are making an gathered waistband using elastic, consider using “sport elastic” with a drawstring

IMG_2183Here’s the final outfit