Elphaba! The Wicked Witch of the West

One of our friends wondered if I would be willing to put on “some makeup” for a costume set… green makeup, to play Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) for an Oz-based group for the Masquerade at… Read More

Woody & Jessie – Oscars 2011

  2011 was an unusual year for the Oscars party. My mother-in-law had been ill and wasn’t allowed to travel to altitude.  So we got to host the party.  We thought that doing characters from Toy Story 3 would… Read More

Wall-E & Eve – Oscars 2009

So, for our second appearance at the Oscars party, we decided to go as Wall-E and Eve. I found some inexpensive white fabric and basically made a dress by cutting a neck hole, adding a loose mock-turtle style… Read More

Vir Cotto and Boromir

Stephen wanted a costume for Baycon in 2003, and we thought that he could do Vir from Babylon5.  I made this vest with the diagonal stripes and bright braid using a Revolutionary War pattern (McCalls 2258), with the… Read More

Oscars Party 2010

For our third appearance at the Oscars party, we decided to go as Professors Snape & McGonnigall from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I made Stephen’s frock coat based on the men’s frock coat pattern from Laughing… Read More

Castello di Amorosa Mid-Summer 2009

Stephen and I went to the Castello di Amorosa’s annual Mid-Summer festival in 2009.  It was sort of a busman’s holiday, as some of our friends from St. Michael’s were part of the entertainment (fencing demos, teaching, etc)…. Read More

Costuming – catch up

I’ll be slowly posting some of our historical costuming pieces. I’m still not sure about the differences between blogs and pages at this point.  🙂